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Ave Maria for sopran og orkester, op. 4
Ave Maria for Soprano and Orchestra, Op. 4

Ave Maria for Soprano and Orchestra is the first of Valen's seven orchestral songs. Musical manuscripts and the composer's personal correspondence show that Valen began composing Ave Maria for Soprano and Orchestra in October 1914. The work was first intended for women's choir and orchestra, but the composer eventually changed his mind. A letter dated 22 June 1918 is the first reference to Ave Maria in its final form, for soprano and orchestra. Letters and musical manuscripts suggest that Valen completed the work during the autumn of 1921. However, the printed full score, first edition, by Lyche was not published in Valen's lifetime.

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Version with orchestra

Orchestra: 2 fl., 2 ob., 2 cl., 2 fg., 4 cor., 2 tr., timp., arp., str.
Soloist: Soprano

Tempo: Lento

Metre: 3/4

Duration: ca. 10  min.

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Version with piano

Soprano, piano

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Ave Maria for sopran og orkester, op. 4

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