Fartein Valen

Pastorale for orkester, op. 11

Pastorale for Orchestra, Op. 11

FV Op. 11


Pastorale for Orchestra, Op. 11, was composed in 1929-1930 and is the first of Valen's nine single-movement orchestral works, all completed in the 1930s. The composer wrote about Pastorale in a letter, dated 23 June 1930 in Valevaag, "Naturscenene [i Hardanger] var for mægtige for den, for jeg skal bare skildre en rosehave" [The nature scenes (in Hardanger) were too mighty for it, for I am only picturing a rose garden.]. Valen was an enthusiastic cultivator of roses and may have found inspiration in the roses in the garden at home in Valevaag. However, the work itself is only programmatic by its suggestive title, referring to a general pastoral character, and has no other programme attached to it.

Composition: Oslo and Valevåg Between 1929-11-26 and 1930-07-28.

Over the first Sketch: 26 November 1929. End dating in the Score (autograph): 28 July 1930


Dedicatee: David Monrad Johansen


Metre: 9

Extent: ca. 3:30 min.

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Pastorale for orkester, op. 11

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